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Cinema Village


(NR) Greenwich Entertainment - 98 min
  • DIRECTOR: Agniia Galdanova
  • STARRING: Jenna Marvin


Q&A Friday 6/14 after 7:00pm show with Agniia Galdanova (director) and Igor Myakotin (producer).

Q&As Saturday 6/15 after the 4:40pm and 7:00pm shows with Agniia Galdanova (director) and Igor Myakotin (producer). 


Q&A Wednesday 6/19 after the 7:00pm show with Agniia Galdanova (director), Igor Myakotin (producer) and Masha Gessen.


In defiance of Russia’s anti-LGTBQ laws, a queer, 21-year-old artist risks her life performing in surreal costumes throughout Moscow. Jenna Marvin’s radical public performances blend artistry and activism in this SXSW documentary.

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