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Shapeshifting: Evolving Forms & Habitats (IMAGINE SCIENCE FILM FESTIVAL)

91 min
  • DIRECTOR: Félix Lamarche, Nathan Kensinger, Mauricio Sánchez Arias, Davor Sanvincenti, Daniel Asadi Faezi, Mila Zhluktenko, Marie-Jo Long

SHOWTIMES 10/17/2022 (change date):

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A River of Winter (Un fleuve d'hiver) | Félix Lamarche, Canada, 28 min, 2022 - US Premiere

Black Mayonnaise | Nathan Kensinger, USA, 9 min, 2022

Interior Seis | Mauricio Sánchez Arias, Mexico 16 min, 2022 - US Premiere

Places We'll Breathe (Mjesta koja cemo disati) | Davor Sanvincenti, Croatia, 21 min, 2021 - US Premiere

Aralkum | Daniel Asadi Faezi & Mila Zhluktenko, Uzbekistan / Germany, 13 min, 2022

Our Friendly Little Bugs (Nos Amies Les Petites Bêtes) | Marie-Jo Long, France, 4 min, 2022 - US Premiere


Our presence influences and gives shape to our surroundings. By inhabiting, we destroy habitats. There is fine line between evolution and destruction explored from the massive technology to break ice glaciers or to the familiar, comfortable spaces of our memories.



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