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Cinema Village


(NR) Rebelhouse - 74 min
  • DIRECTOR: Thomas A. Morgan

SHOWTIMES 12/18/2017 (change date):


South of Beirut, Lebanon is a 68 year old refugee camp housing refugees from Palestine, Syria and Iraq. Many have lived in this camp their entire lives-- Mariam AlShaar is one of them. Now, Mariam has pulled the women of this camp together to do what has never been done before. They started with a small kitchen from a micro-loan. With nearly insurmountable political odds against them-- they look to start the first refugee food truck. Their journey is one of many ups and downs but it is the community that is built, their sense of hope and how they see themselves that makes this a moving, touching film about their journey. Mariam has been known as 'the crazy lady' and now she will show just how crazy she is.

Friday December 15 @ 7:10 PM 
Social Entrepreneurship from Behind Refugee Walls

Saturday December 16 @ 7:10 PM 
Producer Kathleen Glynn on Navigating Leadership as a Woman in Film
Co-presented with New York Women in Film and Television (NYWIFT)

Sunday December 17 @ 5:10 PM 
A Seat at the Table: Empowering Community Through Food
Co-presented with Refugees Welcome to Dinner, a meal hospitality series led by UNICEF Global & Purpose




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