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Cinema Village


(R) Momentum Pictures- 89 min
  • DIRECTOR: Dito Montiel
  • STARRING: Ed Helms, Amanda Seyfried, Tracy Morgan, Brenda Vaccaro, PJ Byrne, Leah Remini, Mickey Gooch Jr. and Alan Thicke with Adam Levine and Russell Peters

SHOWTIMES 01/30/2018 (change date):

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EDDIE and his friend CHRIS, clap for a living as audience members on infomercials. They live a simple and content life, scraping by as the glitzy circus of Hollywood show-biz swirls around them. Eddie’s only real excitement is his romance with local gas station attendant, JUDY, a beacon of light in a sea of monotony. But soon, Eddie's life is turned upside down when talk-show host JAYME STILLERMAN takes an interest in Eddie, launching a citywide media craze to uncover his true identity. The newfound fame costs him his job and Judy, who disappears without a trace. With no other choice, Eddie embarks into the world of late-night TV on a quest to hunt down his lost love.



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