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Cinema Village

The Last Manhunt

(R) Saban Films - 104 min
  • DIRECTOR: Christian Camargo
  • STARRING: Jason Momoa, Martin Sensmeier, Mainei Kinimaka, Zahn McClarnon

SHOWTIMES 09/27/2023 (change date):

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In 1909, amidst the dying old west, Willie Boy, a long distance Desert Runner by Chemehuevi tradition, falls in love with young native beauty, Carlota. Carlota's father, a Chemehuevi shaman and local tribal leader, refuses to let the young couple be together. In a fatal confrontation, Carlota's father falls dead to an accidental gun shot and the young lovers flee to the sun enslaved Mohave desert. The local sheriff leads a mounted posse armed with fire power and two Native American trackers seeking justice for their "murdered" tribal leader. Willie Boy and Carlota evade capture outlasting the men and their horses. However, fake news stories meant to sell papers adds to the mounting pressure to capture Willie Boy. In a desert that purifies all, the search for Willie Boy forces everyone to face their own demons in this tragic tale of love, death, and desert heat.


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