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Cinema Village

The Nubia Train & Big Little Women (African Diaspora FF)

111 min

SHOWTIMES 12/03/2023 (change date):

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The Nubia Train

Nubia Train, takes its passengers on a train trip originally designated for transporting the Nuba residents living in Cairo to Aswan. This journey is repeated once every Hijri year, specifically on the day before Eid Al-Adha, a journey that has become one of the Nubian traditions of the feast. This journey is the meeting point between music and games that take place over a 16-hour night trip.


Big Little Women Q&A

Three generations of women rebel against patriarchal prohibitions. In this cinematic letter, Swiss-Egyptian film director Nadia Fares pays tribute to her father as she recounts 75 years of women's struggles both in Egypt, her father's country, and in Switzerland, her mother's country, where she grew up. She explores the impact of patriarchal traditions in the East and the West, revealing them as mirror images. Egyptian feminist intellectual Nawal El Saadawi engages in a dialog with the filmmaker and a group of young women linking past and present.



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