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Cinema Village

The Rainbow Prince

(NR) Brown Princess Productions - 35 min
  • DIRECTOR: Laura Napier
  • STARRING: Clare-Hope Ashitey/Princess Marea, Dwayne Moore/Rainbow, CeCelia A.Birt/Mother of the Forest, Christian Booker/Kenya, Gary Ray Bugarcic/The White Wizard, Elise Hudson/Circa, Lauren Lavera/Young Mother, Jeffrey Mark/A.W. Fun, Lis Priestley/Queen Angela, Narci Regina/Kenya’s Mom, Maxwell Scott/King Martin and Christopher Werner/Albert

SHOWTIMES 05/28/2023 (change date):

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Rainbow, who changes colors with his feelings, is left on the castle steps of a King and Queen. Now a Prince, he is put to sleep by an evil Wizard and his dangerous cohort scheming to take over the kingdom. Rainbow is temporarily awakened for 21 years by the Mother of the Forest, a wise, powerful healing woman. The sole remedy to reverse the spell forever is a kiss from True Love. This happens to be from a beautiful Brown Princess and Marea must save the Prince and his entire kingdom.



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