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(UR) First Run Features - 116 min
  • DIRECTOR: Dimitri de Clercq
  • STARRING: Delfine Bafort, Svetozar Cvetković, Arend Pinoy

SHOWTIMES 02/14/2020 (change date):

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In a desolate stretch of the Sahara, a mysterious car accident leaves a young woman lost and alone. Jake, a reclusive architect, finds her unconscious. He drives her to the nearest doctor, to discover that she's suffering from post-traumatic amnesia. Intoxicated by the woman's beauty, Jake claims to be her husband. He names her Kitty and takes her to his remote desert home to recuperate. As Kitty struggles to come to grips with who she is, Jake invents an elaborate life they can share – the life he has always yearned for. Little by little, Kitty begins to fall in love with him. But when shreds of her past begin to surface, Jake takes steps to ensure he will not lose the love of his life...



Overall Rating Based on 20 Reviews
4.8 out of 5 stars
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Elena Martinez
4 out of 5 stars

Una historia de amor retorcida... ¡pero maravillosa a la vez!

November 11, 2019
Como parte del jurado de la crítica en el IbizaCineFest también tuve la oportunidad de ver "You Go To My Head", una película belga de Dimitri Le Clerq, un director encantador a quién tuve el placer de conocer durante el festival. You Go To My Head es una historia de amor inusual que te atrapa poco a poco y con la cual desvelas, a la vez que lo hacen ambos protagonistas, todas las incógnitas que se generan en esos constantes giros inesperados que toman una dirección ilógica. Tras un misterioso accidente de coche en pleno desierto, Dafne sufre de amnesia postraumática. Jake, un arquitecto solitario y primera persona que ve cuando recupera la conciencia, le dice que es su marido. Una historia de amor... ¡a la vez que muy retorcida! You Go To My Head cuenta con una dirección fotográfica -ganadora de un premio FilmQuest- maravillosa que se ve reflejada tanto en los planos de los paisajes desérticos, como en la casa con esa arquitectura minimalista cuidada al detalle; y no olvidemos el realce a la deslumbrante figura de Delfine Bafort como si de una diosa se tratase. Filmada completamente con luz natural, aspecto arriesgado y complicado que sale a la perfección en cada fotograma del film. Diálogos escasos pero justos porque tanto Delfine Bafort como de Svetozar Cvetkovic, que es un puro reflejo del director, bordan tan bien su papel que no hace falta nada más para comprender la trama.

5 out of 5 stars

Cinema and architecture

November 11, 2019
“You Go To My Head” deserves to be nominated for an architecture award. The film’s protagonist is an architect, played by Serb actor Svetozar Cvetkovic. He knows the part well; he already interpreted the role of an architect in two Yugoslavian feature films. The movie’s principal setting is the very beautiful, widely-published Fobe House in Marrakech (Morocco), designed by French architect Guilhem Eustache. The screenplay calls to mind an architecture project as well (blank ‘white’ sheet, challenging design, construction, delays, more construction, anticipation...). Filmmaker Dimitri de Clercq creates shots, atmospheres, lighting and colors that reminded me of Jean-Luc Godard's "Le mépris" (“Contempt”). The narrative could be taken from a story by Alberto Moravia. In my opinion, “You Go To My Head” is an absolute must-see for architects and lovers of architecture alike.

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5 out of 5 stars

Enjoyable psycological visual splendor

November 7, 2019
This film captures an amazing and beautiful part of earth, and showcases the quandry of stark characters across a gorgeous backdrop while we wonder of the mysteries of these characters coming to life as the story rolls us. You will be moved by the cinematic majesty, and question your own morals as you dive into this visual delight.

Jake S.
4 out of 5 stars

Gorgeous, emotional mind trip

November 4, 2019
I was an assistant with the Spokane International Film Festival's selection process, and when this absolutely stunning film came up, it was an immediate selection. It might be a bold declaration, but some of the visuals in this truly unusual thriller are comparable to "Lawrence of Arabia," with how it captures vistas, minimalism, and just showcasing the story. The premise begins with an enticing, Hitchcock-esque first act, and it descends into pure psychological territory from there on out. The direction is excellent, cinematography beautiful, editing is fluid, and performances are fantastic. The pacing is slow but deliberate. Keep it on your radar, and for sure add it to your watchlist this February, because this is one of the most beautiful films I have seen in recent memory.

Dave Y
5 out of 5 stars

Pure Cinema

November 4, 2019
This was film is so beautifully shot and Directed. Just pure cinema and a delight to the senses.

Laura R.
5 out of 5 stars

Sensacional película

November 1, 2019
“You Go To My Head” fue la joya del pasado festival de EMIFF (Evolution Mallorca International Film Festival), y una de las películas más sobrecogedoras que pude ver el año pasado. Inquietante y bella a partes iguales, con un tratamiento estético lleno de sensibilidad, y con numerosas referencias a maestros del cine como Kubrick, Hitchcock o Antonioni, pero sin perder un ápice de su propio discurso y universo. Verla es una experiencia hipnótica y fascinante que recomiendo absolutamente.

NJ from Vermont
4 out of 5 stars

Obsession and desire in the Sahara

October 31, 2019
If you liked Alfred Hitchcock’s “Vertigo,” you’ll love this film. It is a tale of obsession and desire set in Morocco. A lonely architect finds a beautiful woman stumbling through the desert. She is the perfect prey for the man, who, like the James Stewart character in Vertigo, is imperfect and flawed. I never worried about the woman’s physical safety—for our anti-hero is racked with guilt, but he can’t stop himself from deceiving the woman who remembers nothing and has become like a child again. The ending is wonderfully ambiguous--will he be rewarded or punished? Gorgeous cinematography paints the landscape and architecture in parched whites and golds.

Mina Sincar
5 out of 5 stars


October 31, 2019
Una película extraordinaria. Muy recomendable.

film critic
5 out of 5 stars

Perfect 5-star rating.

October 29, 2019
You Go to My Head is an art-house film, taking turns which you'd never expect, which is also surprisingly accessible - a combination which is unusual. It's a unique love story. It's a psychological thriller. And it's a marvelous venue to show off the talents of so many gifted artists. For my complete review, please follow this link:

4 out of 5 stars

A Rare Cinematic Experience

October 28, 2019
We screened this remarkable film at the Capital City Film Festival this year and we were all impressed by it's lush beauty. The film plays like a lucid dream with inspired use of color, composition, and location. It's refreshing to see such a beautifully made film that doesn't pander to it's audience. The narrative material is both challenging and accessible at the same time with stellar performances by the two leads. YOU GO TO MY HEAD is a rare cinematic experience that's filmed in a classic Art House style while still embracing modern storytelling techniques and technology. It's unique and unforgettable.

5 out of 5 stars

Intriguing exploration of passion, obsession & love

October 28, 2019
Very fitting that this film will debut on Valentine's Day since it is, ultimately, an exploration of love and desire. Set against the stark landscape of the desert, we peer into the lives of two people whose paths have crossed in a most unusual way. We are invited into their complex and tumultuous world as they seek answers to life's burning questions: who am I, what do I truly desire, and why? Throughout each moment, one cannot help but to feel every emotion of these characters whose quest for meaning and wholeness -- is truly universal. The cinematography is sumptuous, the characters are seductive, and the story throughout -- is nothing short of tantalizing.

4 out of 5 stars

‘A debut of an artist’.

October 28, 2019
Visually beautiful, superb locations, isn’t afraid to be politically incorrect, a disturbed and dark story at times.

Gina PS
5 out of 5 stars

Psychological Drama, Suspense and Breathtaking Love Story All in One!

October 27, 2019
Hypnotic blend of love and drama with award-winning majestic cinematography and Oscar worthy acting. A masterpiece of artistry superbly written to keep you guessing, leaving you on the edge of your seat. An emotional wave of fear and love so realistically familiar it's no wonder it has been titled "You Go To My Head." I left the theatre wishing I could walk back in and watch it all over again. I am super excited to hear that it's coming to NYC 's Cinema Village February 14, 2020. The perfect day to fall in love with this truly amazing and powerful story! I know where I'll be on Valentine's Day!

Michele Conklin
5 out of 5 stars

A Mesmerizing Love Story

October 25, 2019
"You Go To My Head," is a mesmerizing and seductive love story brilliantly done by Filmmaker Dimitri de Clercq! As the film begins you will be drawn in by the intriguing music, that will keep you on the edge of your seat, while the struggle for life peruses in the heat of a merciless desert. Delfine Befort's performance is extraordinary as Dafne! Amnesia has set in after a car crash in the desert and she is desperately walking in the brutal heat searching for water. She passes out and is rescued by Jake, played by Svetozar Cvetkovic, who reminded me of a most talented Richard Burton. Jake, desperate to be loved, deceptively leads Dafne to believe she is his wife. He is obsessed with her beauty and it seems like love at first sight, as Jake decides to call her "Kitty." The gorgeous cinematography, alluring suspenseful music and shocking modern Hitchcock story line , will not disappoint you! This film is Dimitri de Clercq's Taj Mahal tribute to the very stunning and talented Delfine Befort and Is truly his masterpiece, worthy of an Oscar! I have seen the film twice and cannot wait to see it again! "You Go To My Head," is one of the finest works of Art in Film & one of the best film’s I have ever seen!

Al Nigrin
5 out of 5 stars

Highly recommended!

October 24, 2019
Dimitri de Clercq's award winning feature film You Go To My Head is a psychological drama set in a desolate stretch of the Sahara desert where a mysterious car accident leaves a young woman lost and alone. She is rescued by Jake, a reclusive architect, but the woman does not remember who she is as she is suffering from amnesia. Jake, intoxicated by the woman's beauty, tries to take advantage of the situation by claiming to be her husband, and takes her to his remote desert home to recuperate but things begin to fall apart as the woman's memory starts to come back. The two lead actors Delfine Bafort and Svetozar Cvetkovic are terrific but it is Delfine Bafort who is the real star and the center of this entrancing film. You can't take your eyes off of her. She is very sexy. Being set in the Sahara Desert really adds to the film's atmosphere as well. The light is incredible. Stijn Grupping, the film's director of photography does amazing camera work. And the ambient sounds in the film, recorded by Novica Jankov and his assistant Zoran Prodanovic, also add a lot to the mood of this mesmerizing film. But it is Dimitri de Clercq's masterful direction that really brings this film together and makes it the great film that it is. I saw the film at the New Jersey International Film Festival last year where it won Best Feature. Highly recommended!

5 out of 5 stars


October 24, 2019
You Go To My Head was very well received by all at The Valley Film Festival. The house was packed like sardines. Excited to catch it again in LA. Took my breathe away. I think I have a valentines plan already ????

5 out of 5 stars

A Unique Love Story

October 24, 2019
I am looking forward to viewing this outstanding film at Cinema Village for it’s theatrical premiere. Every time I view this film I am swept away with it’s stunning cinematography and intriguing storyline. I have had the pleasure of viewing this film at several film festivals including the Soho Film Festival in New York City in June and the and the Philadelphia Unnamed Film Festival in September and plan on flying up to see it again at the premiere on February 14 2020. This beautiful movie was filmed in the Western Sahara around Marrakech, Morocco. The stunning cinematography shows the dichotomy of the desert as both a beautiful and dangerous place. It starts with a mysterious car accident that leaves a young woman alone in the desert wandering the hostile environment with no memory of her past. She is eventually found by a local architect who nurses her slowly back to health and takes her back to his large house which also has a beautiful pool. However, he soon falls in love and begins to deceive her by leading her to believe they are actually married and have had a life together. The rest of the story will have you waiting in expectation as she starts to discover the truth about herself with an ending that is a true surprise. This movie is beautifully filmed with cinematography that is a treat for the eyes including stunning desert vistas, ancient ruins, and the aquatic blue water of the gorgeous pool. Lots of analogies abound in this exquisite film which will keep you thinking about them long after the film has ended. The acting is superb by Belgian actress Delfine Befort as “Kitty”who's beauty is mesmerizing in this film and Serbian actor Svetozar "Toza" Cvetkovic as Jake who will have you feeling his loneliness and desire for love. Dimitri de Clercq has created a masterpiece and a unique love story in "You Go To My Head" which will get into yours as well. Be sure to see this wonderful film at Cinema Village on February 14th!

Owen CFF
5 out of 5 stars

Smash hit in Cambridge

October 24, 2019
We we're thrilled to bring You Go To My Head to the 38th Cambridge Film Festival and have it be such a resounding hit with audiences. I cannot recommend it enough, an absolutely fabulous and visually stunning film which deserves to be seen on the big screen. Make sure you catch it! A real highlight of the Festival we hope to welcome Dimitri back with any future projects he has.

5 out of 5 stars

A Cinematic Feast!

October 24, 2019
I caught this at the Myrtle Beach International Film Festival and absolutely LOVED it. Great movies get people talking and this one sparked many lively conversations after its viewing. A beautifully shot film, it's a well-acted and thought-provoking story beautifully told!

Marco Fristurn
5 out of 5 stars

An amazing, cinematically gorgeous movie!

October 22, 2019
Wow, this is one of the best films I've seen in a long time! The wide-screen cinematography is amazing , and all the shots are so carefully planned, like a Kubrick movie. The story is pretty wild, at first you can't quite believe it but then it starts to lure you in, and by the end you're, just like "wow"!