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Cinema Village


China Lion Film Distribution -137 min
  • DIRECTOR: Feng Xiaogang
  • STARRING: Huang Xuan, Miao Miao, Zhong Chuxi, Yang Caiyu

SHOWTIMES 01/03/2018 (change date):

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Performing art troupe members each face their own trials and tribulations; from escaping a family scandal to dealing with unrequited love, each experiences rejection that shapes their lives in this coming-of-age tale selected to play at the Toronto International Film Festival. Directed by Chinese helming legend Feng Xiaogang.

Director Feng Xiaogang's Statement:
"Probably every male soldier has a female soldier in his mind. I entered an art troupe at the age of 20. And my life in that art troupe in the army was unforgettable. I’ve forgotten a great many things in my nearly 60 years on this planet, but this period of time will always be with me. When recalling those past difficult days, it’s ironic that I can only describe this period of time as a beautiful experience.  It was in 2002 when I began to write my autobiography I Devote My Youth to You, and it occurred to me at the time that certain memories could be weaved into a movie.  I was eager to dig these out and amplify some of these wonderful and chaotic moments in my life’s past.  A great many of those memories are brought to life in Youth. The film carries the charms of youthfulness and prettiness, and it perfectly matches the impression of beauty in my memory, however flawed and imperfect."



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