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32 PILLS: MY SISTERS SUICIDE Director Hope Litoff


HOPE LITOFF, Director, is a 20-year veteran film editor. 32 PILLS is her directorial debut. She began her career assisting filmmakers such as Ken Burns and Stephen Ives on THE WEST, as well as MISS AMERICA, dir. Lisa Ades (PBS) and BLUE VINYL, dir. Judith Helfand and Dan Gold (HBO). She went on to edit such verite projects as: KEEPER OF THE COHEN, dir. David Gaynes, COLLEGE BOYS LIVE, dir. George O’Donnell, and SEEING SALLY, dir. Peter Goodman, all of which played in multiple film festivals. Her television credits include CHASING THE CROWN (WE), THE WELL SEASONED TRAVELER dir. George Billard (A&E), and INDIE SEX, dir. Lisa Ades (IFP). Hope is confident that her many years as an editor will serve the storytelling and narrative challenges that she will inevitably face directing this personal film.

She's beautiful, artistic, loved and can't stand to be alive. 32 PILLS traces the fascinating life and mental illness of my sister, New York artist and photographer Ruth Litoff, and my struggle to come to terms with her tragic suicide.