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"37" Director Puk Grasten

DIRECTOR'S PROFILE | Starts October 7th at Cinema Village!

Puk Grasten (September 6, 1986 )

After nine years in Paris and New York working in film, Puk Grasten recently returned to Copenhagen to develop her next feature film. Grasten received her M.F.A in filmmaking from NYU Tisch Graduate Film program, where she made a short version of her debut feature film “37”. The short premiered at Slamdance and won best student film at Big Apple Film Festival. Her debut feature film ‘37’ attended the Film Independent producing lab and was supported by New Danish Screen at the Danish Film Institute. Grasten received for 37 the award for best direction at Moscow International Film Festival, which is one of the 16 A-film festivals and the Russian Critics Award for best film at the same festival. 37 is sold for distribution in the United States, China and Russia and will be released in Denmark November 17.
Puk Grasten next project is WAR WHAT IF Based on Janne Tellers book. Janne Telller also wrote the international bestseller NOTHING. WAR WHAT IF is set in Denmark, when a nationalistic dictator has taken power, and Denmark is at war with its neighbours. The story is told by a 14 year old boy, who must escape to Egypt with his family.
WAR WHAT IF is also the story of how quickly a modern Western democracy can become a cruel dictatorship. “War What If” is published all over the world and received several awards. WAR WHAT IF will be published in the United Staets in 2017.
Puk Grasten joined the Nordic Film Lab to develop WAR WHAT IF. Nordic Film Lab is supported by the Nordic film institutes and Gothenburg Film Festival, where 37 also attended.
Puk Grasten was also the Danish representative at The European Film Academy's film seminar "A Sunday in the Country" held in Kosovo with nine other participants from nine different countries where they each presented their projects and developed ideas.

"37" Directors Comment

The Kitty Genovese murder became a symbol of the modern (apathetic) society and a warning sign of the group mentality. In ‘37’, the neighbors live peacefully, resigned to accept discrimination as a given, propagating the mentality of us vs. them. They struggle with fulfilling certain predetermined roles based on general and fixed social constructed ideas about sexuality, religion, race or the illusion of a perfect family. None of the neighbors question their roles until the murder takes place.

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