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Cinema Village

Ananda Giri from Rooted in Peace joins Director Greg Reitman for a Discussion

Monday 12/19 at 5:15 show

Greg Reitman  + Ananda Giri - Monday 12/19 at 5:15 show


Ananda Giri ji is senior faculty at One World Academy. He is known as a bold and fearless spiritual teacher who helps you transform the way you see and experience life. Mentored by the founders of OWA, Krishnaji and Preethaji, he lovingly guides you deep into your own being and helps you set your mind and heart free.

 Ananda Giri ji has traveled widely and addressed major conferences in six continents of the world. His talks are welcomed with much enthusiasm by prestigious organizations like The Aspen Institute and Harvard University.

 Under the aegis of the OWA-North America Foundation, Ananda Giri ji was part of a relief project called ‘Healing the Gulf’ that aimed at providing physical, emotional and spiritual support to those affected by the 2010 Gulf oil spill and the Tuscaloosa tornado in 2011. His meditations and wisdom brought much peace and hope to all those affected by these calamities. 

 Ananda Giri ji continues to travel worldwide conducting weekend spiritual programs called 'Being Limitless'. He also nurtures OWA's spiritual communities worldwide towards living in a beautiful state.