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ANTIPORNO Director Sion Sono


A girl’s delusion and reality are disrupted in a rich-colored and fantastic world. Sion Sono will create an anarchistic, radical, beautiful and controversial film that destroys the wall of the expression in his quest to freedom.

Statement from Director Sion Sono
ANTIPORNO is the antithesis against the recent flood of pink contents.  Basically, I don't like the genre of pornography so much and would rather feel somehow discomfort. Nonetheless, I agreed with “Roman Porno Reboot Project” with the regard to high degree of freedom for production. Each director creates a film based on the rule of Nikkatsu Roman Porno classics that stipulated a sex scene every 10 minutes and production within a certain budget and shooting period while expressing their own originality. As one of the lineup films created by notable directors under the same conditions, I expected the film would become quite interesting if I visualized my strange feeling about pornography straightforwardly. I dare to do away with logical sequence in this film and completed it with the belief that I make a women's film by taking an anti-porno side. I'm really satisfied with the finished work.

Producer’s Statement
People’s perspectives are easy to turn itself completely depending on their approach and aspects.  Thus, within the framework of the Roman Porno series, Sion Sono creates a pornography film while heavily criticizing itself. He intends to bring up a critical description of their perspectives and to search out the fact that both social power structure and human relationship are changeable when they look at the connection from the opposite viewpoint, by utilizing the mechanism of cinema.  In this film, once the audience hears the call of “Cut!”, the real-life and fictional characters as well as its power balance and events instantly reverse.
Inherently, can we separate fact and fiction? Who can make a judgment about what or which is correct or wrong? Sion Sono concentrates the uncertain and indefinable subjects in the single film and let us know his anti-porno stance on the Roman Porno with brilliantly-colored aesthetic.

Sion Sono’s Biography
Born in Aichi, Japan. Sono came to the public eye when he won the Pia Film Festival Grand Prize in 1987 for A Man's Hanamichi. Love Exposure (2009) won the Caligari Film Award and the FIPRESCI Award at Berlinale in 2009. The success of Cold Fish (2010) marked an even greater interest in Sono’s work and was screened by numerous festivals, including the 67 th Venice Film Festival, and the 2010 Toronto International Film Festival. Guilty of Romance (2011) was screened as part of the 2011 Cannes International Film Festival's Director's Fortnight section, and his subsequent Himizu (2012) picked up the Marcello Mastroianni Award for its two young leads at the 68th Venice International Film Festival. In 2015, at the 19 th Fantasia International Film Festival, TAG (2015) won the Best Film Award, Best Actress Award, Special Mention and Love & Peace (2015) won the audience award as Best Asian Feature as well. His latest film The Whispering Star (2015) won the NETPAC award as the Best Asian Film at the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival.