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ARSENAL Director Steven C. Miller

DIRECTOR'S PROFILE | Starts January 6th at Cinema Village!

STEVEN C. MILLER (Director) is a writer, director, and editor who recently completed directing his fourth E/F/O action film First Kill. He previously directed Marauders and Extraction, both starring Bruce Willis. In 2015, Miller directed the psychological-action-thriller Submerged, with Cody Christian, Denzel Whitaker and Mario Van Peebles. He has written, directed and edited more than a half-dozen films in the last couple of years, distinguishing himself for his unique blend of action and horror. His other feature film credits include the comedy horror film starring Malcolm McDowell, Silent Night, Deadly Night; the popular festival film, Under the Bed, and the action-horror film The Aggression Scale, which premiered to rave reviews at the 2012 South by Southwest Film Festival. Born in Decatur, Georgia, Miller began making short films and music videos after his father bought him a VHS video camera. After graduating from film school at Full Sail University in Florida in 2005, Miller headed to Hollywood. Within a couple of weeks, Miller and a couple of friends, including executive producer Adam Goldworm, raised enough money to fund Miller’s feature film debut, Automaton Transfusion. Miller was the writer, director and editor of the cult film, which he shot in nine days for less than $30,000. It was acquired by Dimension Films after its debut at 2007 ScreamFest horror festival.