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ASSHOLES Director Peter Vack


***Q&A Every Night After 11:00PM Show Except October 7th***

Director, Writer, Actor

Peter Vack is an actor and filmmaker from New York City. Vack was the lead on Doug Liman’s cult series I Just Want My Pants Back for MTV, and is currently on Amazon Studio’s Golden Globe winning "Mozart In The Jungle", starring Gael Garcia Bernal, Lola Kirke and Malcolm McDowell, and created by Jason Schwartzman, Roman Coppola, and Paul Weitz. As an actor, Peter’s recent film roles include: Natalia Leite’s MFA (SXSW 2017), Anthony Onah’s Dara Ju (SXSW 2017), Leah Meyerhoff’s I Believe in Unicorns (SXSW 2014), Hannah Fidell’s 6 Years (SXSW 2015), Clay Liford’s Slash (SXSW 2016) Sara Violet Bliss, Charles Rodgers’s Fort Tilden (Winner Narrative Feature Competition SXSW 2014), Harrison Atkin’s Lace Crater (TIFF 2015), Celia Rowlson-Hall’s Ma
(Venice 2015) and Nancy Meyer’s The Intern starring Robert DeNiro and Anne Hathaway. As writer/director, Vack was named an RBC's Emerging Storyteller at IFP's Independent Film Week and a Sundance Institute Feature Film Fellow for his upcoming film, which received the Zygmunt and Audrey Wilf Foundation Award also through the Sundance Institute Feature Film Program. His award-winning short film SEND screened at over a dozen film festivals including SXSW and AFI Fest. Vack’s debut feature film Assholes had its world premiere at SXSW in 2017, where it received the Adam Yauch Hornblower Award for "a filmmaker whose work strives to be wholly its own, without regard for norms or desire to conform."

I was in a state of angry frustration when I began writing Assholes. I was desperate to make a feature film, but the means of feature film production were out of my reach. So, I sat down to write a screenplay with one intention: to devise a film that could be made as cheaply as possible using only elements to which I had immediate access.

The film would star the handful of people who I see and love the most: my sister Betsey, my best friend, my mother, my father, and my psychoanalyst (who I have been seeing for the past 13 years) with each person playing a version, although highly exaggerated, of themselves.

In the middle of writing Assholes, I was cast as an actor for two lucrative television jobs ("Mozart in the Jungle" and "The Blacklist") and suddenly found myself in a unique position as an independent filmmaker: having enough cash in the bank to fund a microbudget feature and a screenplay that I designed to be made for a fraction of what feature films usually cost to produce. So, I funded Assholes myself, pulled together a crew of collaborators, and started shooting.

Assholes is a comedy that is shocking and a little scary. There may also be a larger statement about the absurdity that underlies our most self-destructive behavior. What is the cause of the overwhelming rise in American asshole-ism? Is there a dark emotional underbelly to progressive urban-liberal permissiveness? Ultimately, Assholes is a sweet movie. Assholes is a family film.

-Peter Vack