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BABY SITA Director Ranjit Koka

Ranjit Koka is a writer, producer and director. His educational background is Masters in Environmental Engineering and is now working as a business and IT consultant. His passion for films started with identifying children’s issues in America and pushing members of US Congress enforce laws and policies to help children. His first film Children and America won more than 12 international awards. His second film ‘Just data!’, is about protecting data as so much data is shared by people everyday and it is very important to secure the data and not let the data in wrong hands. This film was an official selection at International filmmaker festival in Berlin. His third film on terrorism won the nomination for best foreign language short feature film and best director at International filmmaker festival in London. Baby Sita is his latest project on child abandonment. All his films identify the problems in our society and present them in its true form. He says “It is the responsibility of each one of us to help solve the problems in our society. My films show the reality in our society bringing into focus serious issues that need attention and action from each one of us”.