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BOY 23 Director Belisario Franca

DIRECTOR'S PROFILE | Starts January 13th at Cinema Village!

Filmmaker’s Comments

“Racism has always been there. It has never stopped. Understanding the past is crucial because, it still is reflected in the present. We can see traces of it all around. Understanding those dynamics, the ways in which the elite of society used to articulate back then, we notice that some traits have survived to this day. That is a way of countering it, articulating new proposals.”



Director BELISARIO FRANCA was born in the 1960s in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, during one of his country’s darkest times. He grew up under a military dictatorship that heavily controlled every facet of society. From that experience grew his desire to show the reality of life as it is experienced by the people living it, unmediated by power or ideology: real people telling their own stories and, often, their fight to transform them. Since 1980, he has filmed more than 50 documentaries and television pro- grams and received multiple awards.