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Fri 9/8 & Sat 9/9 @ 8:00 pm

*New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman will speak opening night on September 8th at 8PM ET with a Q&A w/ Cast and Crew




Natalie Kottke-Masocco is a documentary filmmaker, writer, and activist. She directed Company Town, which garnered distribution with First Run Features and will premiere theatrically in New York, Fall 2017. Company Town premiered at the Los Angeles Film Festival, and screened at Sheffield Doc in the UK, a feature-length documentary about environmental injustice in a small rural town in Crossett, Arkansas, which was featured in The New Yorker. Natalie stumbled upon this story in 2011, and has spent six years working on this story, documenting air and water pollution and cancer deaths in Crossett, gaining access to the community, workers, and a whistleblower. The residents had a profound impact on her life, witnessing their fight for justice. She received a documentary investigative journalism fellowship with The American Independent Institute in Washington, D.C. and partnered with Act 4 Entertainment, a film entertainment and new media company created to inspire social action. She recently produced a story for the Emmy nominated documentary series, Chef’s Table on Netflix, and produced on an investigate documentary series for National Geographic Channel, and a documentary film about the Dalai Lama for National Geographic, Explorer. She has produced multiple award-winning investigative documentaries, including, Brave New Films: Unmanned: America’s Drone WarWar on Whistleblowers: Free Press & The National Security State, and Koch Brothers Exposed, and has produced documentaries and television for Elevative Entertainment, CBS, E! Networks, as well as new media content on women’s rights, voting rights, and immigration and healthcare reform. Natalie’s love of telling stories is aimed at shedding light on social issues. She lives and works in Los Angeles.





Erica Sardarian is a writer, director, producer who began her career in digital media and television, producing for the Travel Channel, History Channel, E!, A&E, Cooking Channel, FX, and Fox Movie Channel. Her experience spans from notable shows including the long-running educational series Modern Marvels for the History Channel to the investigative two-hour documentary O.J. Speaks: The Hidden Tapes for A&E. Erica received an investigative journalism fellowship with The American Independent Institute for Company Town, a film Sundance says “could literally save lives.” She has written and directed two short films about living in New York City and recently directed a short digital documentary about loss, hope, and healing. Erica is also the creator of Sweet Little Nothings xo- a greeting card company whose mission is to bring love and kindness to the world by one simple, thoughtful gesture. She continues her fulfilling work telling human stories and is passionate about creating awareness and change in the world.



Adam Paul Smith (Act 4 Entertainment)

Adam Paul Smith is the creator behind Act 4's "What Can I Do?" social action campaign, focused on bridging the gap between inspired audiences and meaningful action. Adam is currently in development on multiple projects for narrative features, documentary, television, and new media. Before producing Company Town, he most recently produced Angels In Exile, which explores homeless youth of Durban, South Africa, and is narrated by Academy Award Winner Charlize Theron.





Edgar Sardarian was the youngest person to host, edit, and produce his own show on the Time Warner Cable network. Through his talent and tenacity, Edgar has had the opportunity to work on box office blockbusters such as Wall Street 2 for FOX Studios and Iron Man 2 for Marvel. He worked closely with Academy Award winning director, Oliver Stone, where he learned the ins and outs of movie making. He loves to inform and entertain. He most recently has been involved in various high profile documentary projects aimed at bringing to light important stories through his unique cinematic style.