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DEAD ON ARRIVAL Director Stephen C Sepher


Stephen C. Sepher

Stephen C. Sepher is an accomplished filmmaker who has a passion for telling stories. He is the creative force behind the Lionsgate Thriller HEIST, known in international markets as BUS 657 starring Robert De Niro, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Morris Chestnut among others. The film was released in 4,000 theaters worldwide and was a top 10 Redbox rental.

Stephen's previous projects include ONE MORE ROUND, distributed by Image Entertainment and the short film 4 MINUTES co-produced by Ray Liotta. Stephen has studied the craft of screenwriting and acting over the years in Los Angeles and is an alumni of the Actors Academy with Lewis Smith, Candy Herman & Rick Walters studio.

He wrote, produced and directed DEAD ON ARRIVAL and plays the role of Vince, a crime boss with a short temper. The film is being released by Vision Films and Sony.