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Dick and Jack Director John Ransom Phillips

Opens September 30th at Cinema Village

John Ransom Phillips is a true artist, whose unbound talent extends to filmmaking, writing fiction, and writing for theater in addition to his bold, provocative painting. Phillips' interest in the unconscious mind informs all of his creative work and provides the solid foundation for compelling works with three-dimensional characters and riveting narratives. He is the author of over half a dozen plays, including Eve & Adam, Will & Teddy, Fatherless Sons, Mrs. President, and Mommy. Phillips has also just completed Dick & Jack, a full-length feature film that explores the relationships of John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon with their fathers.

Phillips graduated from the University of Chicago with a Ph.D. in History of Culture. He has taught there, Reed College, and The University of California, Berkley. His paintings have been exhibited nationally and internationally including exhibitions in NYC, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Paris, Cairo, Sao Paolo, Mexico City, and Tokyo.

*Q&As with the Director Friday, September 30th after the 7:15pm and 9:15pm screenings and Saturday,October 1st after the 7:10pm screeening.