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Cinema Village

Director of All Governments Lie FRED PEABODY

DIRECTOR'S PROFILE | Opens November 4th at Cinema Village | Q&A Friday 11/4 @7pm

* Q&A Friday, Nov 4th 7pm, more info here 

I wanted to tell the story of today’s independent “muckrakers” from my own perspective. As a former investigative producer I know how difficult it can be to uncover deception and reveal truths. These new independent journalists are fighting the same kind of David and Goliath battle Izzy Stone did decades ago—a battle for nothing less than truth and justice, in a world where the Stone quote “All governments lie” is never more apt. – Fred Peabody

 Vancouver based Fred Peabody is an Emmy-winning journalist and filmmaker whose credits include seven years as a producer-director on the acclaimed CBC investigative program “the fifth estate”. In 2003 he was Supervising Producer on“Perfect Illusions”, a PBS documentary about eating disorders in young women. His film on the childhood exploitation of the Dionne quintuplets was nominated for an Emmy in 1998, and he won an Emmy in 1989 for a film about wild horses rescued from starvation and abuse.