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Evan's Crime Director Sandy Tung


Sandy Tung (Director/Writer/Producer) was born and grew up on Staten Island, New York. He went to N.Y.U. where he majored in physics. However, after graduating #1 in the Physics Department, Sandy decided to go into film.

 On the basis of a short film he made, Sandy was awarded a full-scholarship to N.Y.U. film school where he got an M.F.A.

 His first feature, A Marriage, was the closing night selection of the New York Film Society’s New Directors Festival. The New York Times called it, “a knowing and believable portrait of a union, …with more than its share of charm.”

 He then received the Directors Guild Award for best daytime television director for the Schoolbreak Special he directed called The Day the Senior Class Got Married. This was the first time a director of Asian-American descent won a DGA Award.

 Sandy next moved to Los Angeles to pursue his career and wrote and directed the indie hit Across the Tracks. The Los Angeles Times called it “an engaging movie of exceptional substance and insight that boasts shining performances from Rick Schroder and Brad Pitt…”

 Confessions of a Sexist Pig” starring Ed Kerr, Traylor Howard, and Lauren Graham was his next film. The romantic comedy won six film festivals, including the Mannheim International Film Festival and the New Orleans Film Festival, The Hollywood Reporter called it “A well-executed, often hilarious romantic comedy, with a fine cast of fresh faces…”

In the past few years, Sandy has directed a number of family films including Soccer Dog, European Cup for Sony Pictures, and Shiloh Season and Saving Shiloh the critically acclaimed movies for Warner Brothers Family Entertainment. Roger Ebert called “Saving Shiloh” “a family film that deals with real problems and teaches real values, and yet is exciting and entertaining.” And the NY Times called it “touching, intelligent and admirably thoughtful.”

Sandy also wrote, directed and produced Alice, Upside Down. It starred Penny Marshall, Luke Perry, and Alyson Stoner. The film won 4 international film festivals and was released by Anchor Bay Entertainment.