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Director's Profile

Ranjit Koka is a Dallas based writer/director. His films have played at festivals all over the world and won many awards. Ranjit’s first documentary ‘CHILDREN AND AMERICA’ won 12 International Awards including Best Director and Best Picture. His documentary film BABY SITA, a story of abandoning a baby after being born as a girl and not a boy was an official entry at 2018 OSCARs. He has a Masters Degree and works as an Analyst in a Bank. Along with his regular job, he has passion for films and his latest documentary film FOOTSTEPS OF GANDHI:HOME OF GOD'S CHILDREN is a story of a couple who lived, witnessed and inspired by Mahatma Gandhi and who are following his footsteps by providing home, building lives and giving hope for abandoned, orphan and physically and mentally disabled people(including children) in the holy city of Tirupati, India. This documentary is an inspiring story of Ramaswami and his wife Varalakshmi who have taken care of more than 10,000 physically and mentally disabled men, women and children.  He believes that making a documentary is a social responsibility, bringing awareness on a serious and important issue, which is otherwise ignored, to push for change and call for action in our society.