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I AM EVIDENCE Directors Geeta Gandbhir and Trish Adlesic


Geeta Gandbhir has been nominated for three Emmy Awards and has won two. As editor, her films have been nominated twice for an Academy Award, winning once, and has also won four Peabody Awards. Her latest feature documentary Prison Dogs, which she co-­directed with Perri Peltz, premiered at the 2016 TriBeCa Film Festival.

Trish Adlesic is an Oscar and Emmy-nominated documentary producer for her work on Gasland and Gasland Part II. She teamed with director Josh Fox and HBO to produce these seminal documentaries exposing the environmental devastation and public safety hazards of “fracking." Gasland premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2010 and Gasland Part II premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2013 to much acclaim.


I AM EVIDENCE exposes the alarming number of untested rape kits in the United States through a character–driven narrative, bringing much needed attention to the disturbing pattern of how the criminal justice system has historically treated sexual assault survivors.

Why is there a rape kit backlog? What can we do to fix the problem? This film explores these questions through survivors’ experiences as they trace the fates of their kits and re-engage in the criminal justice process. I AM EVIDENCE illuminates how the system has impeded justice while also highlighting those who are leading the charge to work through the backlog and pursue long-awaited justice in these cases.

In this film, we seek to send a clear message to survivors that they matter, that we as a nation will do everything possible to bring them a path to healing and justice, and that their perpetrators will be held accountable for their crimes.

“I am evidence that regardless of what happens to you, you can get through it. You can move past it. You can grow. You can change for the better. I am evidence that there is more to that box, there is a human being there. It is not just a kit. This is a person.”