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JACK GOES HOME Director Thomas Dekker

Opens October 14th at Cinema Village!


Thomas Dekker has been working in the industry for 23 years.  At the age of 5, he got his career start in John Carpenter’s “Village of the Damned”.  After this experience he knew he wanted to be a filmmaker.  At 16, he wrote, produced, shot, edited and directed the Dogme 95 feature, “Cotton Wool”, which focused on the interweaving lives of a group of teens whose hopes for the future end in tragedy.  He went on to make his first short film entitled “Arkane” starring Douglas Smith and William Katt.  In 2008, he wrote and directed the hallucinatory experimental drama “Whore” starring Lena Headey, Megan Fox, Rumer Willis and Shiloh Fernandez. In the years that followed, Dekker penned over a dozen screenplays, directed numerous music videos, self-produced two electronica albums and released a photography book entitled “Not in Death, Nor in Fear”.  In the spring of 2015, Dekker wrote “Jack Goes Home”, a story that had been percolating in his mind ever since he lost his father to Alzheimer's Disease in 2010.  Chronicling his own personal grief and depression within the structure of a dark psychological thriller, Dekker intends to terrify audiences with a threat that is not of the external but the internal.  To confirm that the greatest horrors often come from within.