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Director, Executive Producer
Lydia Tenaglia is co-founder and executive producer of Zero Point Zero Production, Inc. (ZPZ),creators of the EMMY® Award and Peabody Award-winning series, Anthony Bourdain: PartsUnknown (CNN); the EMMY® Award-winning The Mind of a Chef (PBS); and EMMY®-nominatedThe Hunt with John Walsh (CNN).Tenaglia is a graduate of Smith College, B.A., with an M.F.A from New York University Tisch andresides in New York City with her husband and Zero Point Zero co-founder Chris Collins, and theirtwo kids, Neko and Milo.  JEREMIAH TOWER: The Last Magnificent is Lydia’s second
documentary film.

The idea for the film was brought to Zero Point Zero Production, Inc. by Anthony Bourdain withwhom we have worked for over 16 years on various television and film projects.  Bourdain hadread Jeremiah Towers’ memoir, California Dish: What I Saw (and Cooked) at the AmericanCulinary Revolution (2004) (currently in reprint and titled Start the Fire), and thought Tower wouldmake an interesting subject for a documentary as he was instrumental in revolutionizing the wayAmericans eat and dine from the mid ‘70’s to late ‘90’s.  
Upon preliminary research I thought that the project, at best, would be an interesting biopic of asuccessful restaurateur  one who had left a great legacy on the American culinary landscape. What I found instead was a rich and complex story of an artist, one who continuously endeavoredto reconcile his artistic dreams and visions with the “vulgar reality of life…” 
Driven perfectionist, egotist, seducer, ringmaster… Jeremiah Tower is indeed one of the mostcontroversial, outrageous and influential figures in the history of American gastronomy.  Almostovernight, the sexually-omnivorous, Harvard-educated Tower transformed the landscape of not justAmerican foodbut its restaurants and dining rooms as well.  And yet his name has largely beenobliterated from history.  The Last Magnificent explores the life of this complicated man.