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KQIB Director Gabrielle C. Burton & Producers Five Sisters Productions

FILMMAKERS PROFILE | Starts March 3rd at Cinema Village!

Gabrielle C. Burton (KQIB Director) As a film director and as a writer, Burton won the Ohio Arts Council's Individual Excellence Award. She has recently finished her six-years-in-the-making documentary KINGS, QUEENS, & IN-BETWEENS, a documentary about gender as looked at through the lens of drag queens, kings, and transgender performers in Columbus, Ohio. Burton helms the indie film production company FIVE SISTERS PRODUCTIONS with her five real-life sisters whose films include MANNA FROM HEAVEN (MGM/Sony), TEMPS (Netflix), JUST FRIENDS (Starz), THE HAPPIEST DAY OF HIS LIFE (MTV/LOGO), the microdoc “ALS: Toward Finding a Cure,” and Julia Sweeney's LETTING GO OF GOD (Showtime). She is also a producer and director on OLD GUY, a comedic short about the stereotypes of aging in the media (inspired by her father’s experience becoming an actor late in life), and producer of HALF THE HISTORY, a series of shorts about inclusion of women in history books, sites, and media (the title short piece is at: Her sisters and her THE SKY'S THE LIMIT: The Mercury 13 (inspired by the 13 women tested to be astronauts in 1961) was selected for the Athena List of best unproduced screenplays highlighting women’s stories, and was named to the 2015 Bechdel List. Involved in grassroots activism, Burton created CAST’s commercial campaign against human trafficking with Julia Ormond. After Harvard/Radcliffe, Burton won a scholarship to ESAV film school in France. An accomplished writer, Burton was a finalist for best essay of the year and best poem from the Hawaii Review, won CGR’s prize for best poem of 2014, and the Thomas A. Wilhelmus award 2013, and has been published also in the New Delta Review, The Los Angeles review, The Burden of Light poetry anthology, Connecticut River Review. Burton was asked to give a Tedx Talk on gender expression and identity (, which was selected for by TEDx for their playlist on gender & trans issues, and it has received over 100,000 views. Burton is bilingual in French, and more about her can be found at and

Five Sisters Productions (producers) films and commercial work includes MANNA FROM HEAVEN (MGM/Sony/Starz), THE HAPPIEST DAY OF HIS LIFE (MTV/LOGO), LETTING GO OF GOD (Showtime), TEMPS (Netflix), JUST FRIENDS (AMC/We Channel), SAGE & TIME (ESAV), Your Stories documentary ad campaign for Ford Motor Company, Victoria's Secret creative partner, "CAST" 8-minute doc on human trafficking, spin-off campaign of spots on human trafficking with Julia Ormond. Current projects: OLD GUY (comedic web series about stereotyped images of aging in the media), HALF THE HISTORY, ALS: Toward Finding a Cure, and KINGS, QUEENS, & INBETWEENS. More info: