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Played August 26th-September 1st
London born and bred, Adam Randall has been making, watching and loving films since he realized his dreams of playing professional guitar were hampered by not being very good at guitar. His love of movies became his focus, and after studying at Westminster University, he worked any film job he could get while writing and directing his own projects.

In 2015 he directed and co wrote his first feature film, LEVEL UP, starring Josh Bowman and Neil Maskell. The London-based thriller was quickly picked up by Universal for international distribution, and Film Buff for the US.

Immediately on finishing LEVEL UP, he started pre-production on his next film iBOY. Based on the bestselling novel by Kevin Brooks, it stars Maisie Williams, Bill Milner, Rory Kinnear and Miranda Richardson. Both films are to be released in late 2016.

Adam started in short films, writing and directing the award winning HOODED, followed by EASIER WAYS and REFLECTIONS (and a few he refuses to mention.) In between he directed digital content and wrote and developed a number of scripts. As well as the two feature films, he has co-created and is co-writing an original crime series for SKY-TV.