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LIZA, LIZA, SKIES ARE GREY Director Terry Sanders


“LIZA, LIZA, SKIES ARE GREY” director, producer, writer Terry Sanders is a two-time Oscar winner who has produced and/or directed more than 70 award-winning dramatic features, theatrical documentaries, television specials, and a large body of portrait films of major American artists, writers and musicians.  He produced, wrote and directed the feature documentary, “Fighting For Life,about the Iraq War and the military doctors, nurses and wounded who are on the front lines in the fight that begins when the battle ends. 

Sanders first professional job after producing and photographing the Oscar-winning dramatic short, “A Time Out of War,” was directing the second unit of “Night of the Hunter” for Charles Laughton.  Later he adapted “The Day Lincoln Was Shot” for CBS-TV and co-wrote the screenplay of “The Naked and the Dead” for Warner Bros.  He produced and co-directed with his brother Denis the independent features “Crime and Punishment, USA” and “War Hunt” which starred Robert Redford, Sydney Pollack and John Saxon. 

His documentaries include, “Return With Honor,” Oscar-winner “Maya Lin: A Strong Clear Vision,” Emmy-winner “Lillian Gish: The Actors Life For Me" “Never Give Up: The 20th Century Odyssey of Herbert Zipper,” “The New Indians,” “The Eyes of Don Bachardy,” The Legend of Marilyn Monroe,” “Portrait of Zubin Mehta,” “Copland Portrait,” Rose Kennedy: A Life to Remember,” “Screenwriters: Word Into Image,” “Slow Fires: On the Preservation of Knowledge” and “Into the Future.”

Sanders was educated at Cal Tech and UCLA Film School.  He was co-founder and Associate Dean of the Film School of California Institute of the Arts.

Sanders is currently developing the dramatic feature film, “Tokyo Rose”, a World War II story about the Japanese-American hero who became the first woman in American history to be convicted of treason.  

Sanders is president of American Film Foundation and a partner in Sanders & Mock Productions in Santa Monica.

Sanders has worked with “Liza, Liza, Skies Are Grey” cinematographer Erik Daarstad on over 30 films.