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Cinema Village

MARTYR Director Mazen Khaled

Director's Profile

His work tends to focus on the human body, framing it esthetically, but also placing it within the fabric of the circle/society. Whether it is through dance, or sexuality and its connection(s) to spirituality and specifically to Buddhist thought, he's drawn to re-presenting the physical body: its gracefulness, its awkwardness, and its capacity to generate and channel meaning. When bodies come together, it is in defiance of an impossible, or in exploration of a truth. The singular result is a fleeting construction of a unique esthetic. Ineptitude/Fusion, Failure/Realization.

His shots are an expression of what he's thirsty for, what he's aching to look at and perceive. The camera's gaze reveals my own. He stages the tactile and the sensual, but in doing so, he hopes to investigate the visceral and the intangible. Desire/love, skin/consciousness: the underlying story can never be told.

He has experimented with film but has landed in the digital.