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MISS DALI Director Ventura Pons


**IN PERSON for Q&A Friday 11/16 following the 7:30pm show**

Ventura Pons

screenwriter, producer and director

Ventura Pons has already directed 32 feature films and is one of the best-known Catalan film directors. His films are continuously programmed in the most prestigious International Festivals, almost 810 up to now, and distributed in many countries around the world.

He has been vice-president of the Spanish Film Academy and the subject of more than 34 international homages and retrospectives: London’s ICA (Institute of Contemporary Arts), New York’s Lincoln Center and in the world's foremost Cinematheques: Los Angeles, Mexico, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Caracas, Belgrade, Istanbul, Warsaw, Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, Mexico among many others.

Pons has also received international “life time achivement awards” in Chicago, Galway, Piestany, Lima, Torino, and Montpellier.

In Spain he has received the Catalan National Film Award, the Spain Fine Arts Gold Medal, the Catalan Sant Jordi Cross, the Catalan Film Academy Gaudi Honour Award, the Ondas Award, the City of Huesca Award, the Count Jaume d’Urgell 2018 Award, the Jordi Dauder Award, among many others.

In 2012 the University of Colorado at Denver (USA) held an academic Conference on his cinema. Vervuert has published a book about this conference: Ventura Pons: An exceptional gaze from the Catalan cinema.

He has published a book of memoirs Mine (and the others) (2011), and finished in 2017 another one I have tasted the fruits of the tree of life and also a World Tour diary, 54 days and a bit more (2012).

On Sept. 2014 he recovered in Barcelona the old Texas Cinemes, to normalize the exhibition of international cinema always subtitled in Catalan. Europa Cinemas awarded it as the best "cinema on the move" in 2016.

In March 2017 he opened the AlbaTexas Cinemas in Valencia and in February 2018 the Las Vegas cinemas in Figueres.

At the same time, he founded the distribution ccompany Albada Films to present the most interesting world-wide cinema that does not arrive to our screens.



1977: Ocaña, retrat intermitent (Ocaña, an intermittent portrait)

1981: El vicari d’Olot (The vicary of Olot)

1986: La rossa del bar (The blonde at the bar)

1989: Puta Misèria! (Dammed Misery!)

1990: Què t’hi jugues, Mari Pili? (What’s your bet, Mari Pili?)

1991: Aquesta nit o mai (Tonight or never)

1993: Rosita, please! 

1994: El perquè de tot plegat (What it’s all about) 

1996: Actrius (Actresses) 

1996: MMB: Quadern de memòria (MMB: Memory Notebook) 

1997: Carícies (Caresses) 

1998: Amic/Amat (Beloved/Friend) 

1999: Morir (o no) / To die (or Not) 

2000: Anita no perd el tren (Anita takes a chance) 

2001: Food of Love

2002: El gran Gato (The great Gato)

2004: Amor Idiota (Idiot Love)

2005: Animals ferits (Wounded animals)

2006: La Vida Abismal (Life at the abysss)

2007: Barcelona (un mapa) / Barcelona (a map)

2008: Forasters (Strangers)

2009: A la deriva (Drifting)

2010: Mil cretins (A thousand fools)

2011: Any de Gràcia (Year of Grace)

2012: Un berenar a Ginebra (An afternoon in Geneva)

2013: Ignasi M.

2015: El virus de la por (Virus of fear)

2015: Cola, Colita, Colassa, (Ode to Barcelona)

2016: Oh, quina joia! (Oh, what a joy!)

2016: Sabates Grosses (The bigger, the better)

2017: Universal i Faraona (Universal and Pharaoh)

2017: Miss Dalí

2018: Univers(o) Pecanins

2018: Be Happy!



1994: Bogota Film Festival (Colombia)

1998: Thessaloniki Film Festival (Greece)

1999: ICA (Institute of Contemporary Arts) London (U.K.)

1999: Belgrade Film Festival (Serbia)

1999: Lincoln Center, New York (USA)

2000: Dijon Film Festival (France)

2000: Independent Film Festival of Buenos Aires (Argentina)

2000: Huesca Film Festival (Spain)

2000: Strasbourg Spanish Film Festival (France)

2001: American Cinematheque, Hollywood, Los Angeles (USA)

2001: Istanbul Film Festival (Turkey)

2001: Caracas Film Festival (Venezuela)

2002: Montevideo Cinematheque (Uruguay)

2002: Argentinian Cinematheque, Buenos Aires (Argentina)

2003: Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa Cinematheques (Israel)

2003: Warsaw Film Festival (Poland)

2003: Valdivia Film Festival (Chile)

2004: Lima Spanish Film Festival (Peru)

2004: Madrid Experimental Film Fest (Spain)

2005: Asunción Film Fest (Paraguay)

2005: Stockholm Instituto Cervantes (Sweeden)

2006: Damascus Film Festival (Syria)

2006: Inquiet / Valencia (Spain)

2007: Som Festival Mollerussa (Spain)

2007: Viena Instituto Cervantes (Austria)

2008: IDEM Film Festival (Spain)

2008: Istambul Pera Museum (Turkey)

2008: Cinematik Film Festival (Slovakia)

2009: Lima Festival XIII Encuentro Latinoamericano (Perú)

2009: Madrid’s International LGTB Film Festival (Spain)

2010: Roma Gay Festival / Instituto Cervantes (Italy)

2011: Jamaia Millia Islamaia University New Delhi (India)

2011: Belgrad Cinematheque (Serbia)

2011: Montpellier Festival (Francia)

2012: Tropic Cinema Key West, Florida (USA)

2012: University of Denver Colorado: conference (USA)

2013: Cineteca Nuevo León, Monterrey (Mexico)

2013: Cineteca Nacional, México,DF (Mexico)

2013: Teatro Margarita Xirgu Buenos Aires (Argentina)

2014: Filmoteca de Catalunya (Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain)

2014: Instituto Cervantes de Tokyo (Japan)

2014: Festival Internacional de Quito (Equador)

2016: Bogotá Film Festival (Colombia)

2016: Mostra d’Ontinyent (València, Spain)

2016: Les Gai Internacional Film Festival (Madrid, Spain)