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Cinema Village

NAKOM Directors Kelly Daniela Norris and T.W. Pittman ("Trav")

DIRECTOR'S PROFILE | Starts March 3rd at Cinema Village

T.W. Pittman graduated from Columbia University with a degree in Film and Political Sciences , and served in the Peace Corps in Ghana from 2006-2008, focused on sustainable income generation in the village of Nakom.  Her film work includes the award winning short film SINNERMAN, studying screenwriting under the mentorship of David Milch (DEADWOOD) and serving as producer and editor of Kelly Daniela Norris’ debut feature SOMBRAS DE AZUL – one of the first ever Cuban-American co-productions in more than 50 years. 

Kelly Daniela Norris graduated magna cum laude from Columbia University with a degree in Film and Psychology, and taught for 3 years in the South Bronx with Teach for America.  She co-directed the narrative short film SINNERMAN (winner of the Audience Favorite Debute at the Route 66 International Film Festival and the Black Expressions Award at the Indianapolis International Film Festival).  Her first feature, SOMBRAS DE AZUL, was shot on-location in Cuba, weaving together real memory, travelogue, and narrative as a tribute to her late brother.  SOMBRAS premiered at the Austin Film Festival, winning an audience award, and has been featured at a dozen domestic and international festivals.