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Ovation! Director Henry Jaglom

DIRECTOR'S PROFILE | Ovation! starts October 7th at Cinema Village!


 Henry Jaglom’s filmmaking career began in the cutting room when he and Jack Nicholson helped edit Hopper’s 1969 hit, “Easy Rider.” His first film as a writer/director, 1971’s “A Safe Place,” was acclaimed by Anais Nin who said: “Henry Jaglom is The Magician of American Cinema!” Since then Jaglom has written and directed eighteen more films: “Tracks” (1976); “Sitting Ducks” (1980); “Can She Bake A Cherry Pie?” (1983); “Always (But Not Forever)” (1985); “Someone To Love” (1987); “New Year’s Day” (1989); “Eating” (1990); “Venice/Venice” (1991); “Babyfever” (1994); “Last Summer in the Hamptons” (1996); “Deja Vu - A Love Story” (1998); “Festival in Cannes” (2002); “Going Shopping” (2004); “Hollywood Dreams” (2006); “Irene in Time” (2009); “Queen of the Lot” (2010); “Just 45 Minutes From Broadway” (2012); “The M Word” (2014) and "Ovation!" which is currently in theatrical release.

 Jaglom’s play, “Train to Zakopané” recently had a nine month successful run at the Edgemar Theatre in Santa Monica and he is currently editing the film version of “Train to Zakopané,” which will be released theatrically in 2017.

 In 2013 Metropolitan Books (Henry Holt and Company) released – to great acclaim - the book: "My Lunches With Orson: Conversations Between Henry Jaglom and Orson Welles.