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REALIVE Director Mateo Gil


Mateo Gil was born in 1972 in Las Palmas, Spain.

In 1995 he co-created the story for TESIS along with director and friend, Alejandro Amenábar, winning seven GOYA awards.

Again with Alejandro Amenábar, he co-wrote OPEN YOUR EYES in 1997 - this would turn into Cameron Crowe's VANILLA SKY in 2001 starring Tom Cruise.

His first film as a director, NOBODY KNOWS ANYBODY (Nominated as Best Newcomer) would become a great box office success in Spain in 1999.

Again with Alejandro Amenábar, Mateo co-wrote THE SEA INSIDE in 2002 winning several GOYA awards including Best Film and Best original Screenplay as well as winning the OSCAR for Best Foreign Language Film.

In 2004 he wrote THE METHOD for Argentine director Marcelo Piñeyro and in 2005 he wrote AGORA with Amenábar where he was the Second Unit director.

He directed BLACKTHORN in 2010 starring Sam Shepard, Stephen Rea and Eduardo Noriega (GOYA nominee for Best Director and Best Film).

Mateo recently shot REALIVE starring Tom Hughes, Charlotte Le Bon and Oona CHaplin and, right after that, he created a film called THE LAWS OF THERMODYNAMICS which is currently in post.