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SHINING MOON Director Gustavo Letelier


Gustavo Letelier, President and CEO of Amerindia Films, Chilean film Production Company since its foundation in 2003. Founder and President of Amerindia Cultural Foundation, Nonprofit Organization dedicated to improve cultural education for young poor people. Independent Film Scriptwriter, Director and Producer since 1985, both in America. and Chile. Founder and President of Amerindia Comunicaciones Ltd., Education and Media Consulting firm, which was active from 1990 to 1998. Founder and First Artistic Director in 1986 and 1987 of the Performing Arts Center, Universidad de Chile, cultural entity where the National Symphony Orchestra, the National Ballet Company, the Symphonic National Choir and the University Radio Broadcasting system have residence. Film professor and researcher in Chilean universities since 1987. Universidad de Chile, UMCE, UNIACC. Academic Director of the International Ibermedia Film Seminars on Creative Production and Distribution, from 2004 to 2009. Creative consultant of DH&J Film Investments, financing packaging film company based in New Mexico, US established 1998.

Master of Arts in Cinema Studies and Film Production, New School for Social Research, in New York, 1985. Classical and Film Music Composer with advanced university studies and several published and unpublished works. In the early and mid eighties, while he resided in New York City, emerging Filmmaker Gustavo Letelier wrote, produced and directed several Shorts and Documentaries, both in the US and Chile. Among them, his first real film titled One stands out, because it was successfully acclaimed at several US film festivals. Other fiction and experimental films of that period are The Grey Circumstance, Echoes, and Intruder in the Park. He also made some documentaries for international social development institutions, being the most well known Aprendiendo a Ser Feliz (Learning Happiness) and Los Niños y los Libros (Children on Books). Upon his return to Chile, he made some experimental shorts, including the magnificent film Sombras Posteras (Late Shadows) and musical clips for the National Symphony Orchestra of Chile and the National Ballet Company broadcasted on many Chilean TV networks in the late eighties. He made his debut in Chile as a Feature Filmmaker with Hasta en las Mejores Familias (Even in the Best Families). Writer, Producer, Director, a comedy locally released in 1994. The film was invited to some festivals abroad La Habana, Lérida, Biarritz and thereafter successfully released for Home Video Entertainment in the US in the late nineties. In 1997, he made the short Espera que Llegue la Manaña (Wait until the morning comes), with music by Robert Schuman. It is a visual experimental piece that let him develop a unique original narrative style. This formed the author's foundations to move on. As a consequence, the next Feature Film he made in Chile was the poetic drama La Estación Ausente (The Absent Season). Writer, Producer, Director, Composer, theatrically released in the country in 2005 and internationally shown in some festivals thereafter. The film was very successfully released on DVD in Chile in 2007. It started in 2012 its North American distribution through In Demand and other big companies. Other feature length film he made in 2012 2013 was the comedy La Virtud de la Familia (Family Virtues). Writer, Producer, Director, Composer, unreleased in Chile and currently starting international distribution based in the North American market. He has also collaborated with North American Productions, including the English spoken period drama The Masterpiece based on famous homonymous novel by Emile Zola, Manhattan Filmworks and the Canadian thriller Improper Behavour, Zga Media. He co-wrote both films. He is currently working in the postproduction of Pelícano (Pelican) and developing his next film Espejismo (Shattered Dream).