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THE DAUGHTER Director Simon Stone

DIRECTOR'S PROFILE | Starts January 27th at Cinema Village

Director’s Statement by Simon Stone:

The Daughter is a memory-film without flashbacks. It takes place in a single fateful week, when the return of a man to his hometown triggers a series of revelations that had been dormant for years. The memories that resurface become the heartbeat of the piece, and time starts to implode for the characters as they try to make sense of what their past means. In the middle of this complex matrix of self-recrimination is a teenage girl just starting to learn what life might mean, full of all the joys and insecurities of selfdiscovery, she is truly vulnerable to the mess that the adults around her are making. It’s a film about people trying to be good, loving and failing, falling prey to weakness, fighting to survive. It’s about how the events of the past are inescapable and how the truth isn’t for a single person to decide, it’s for a community to share in all of its complications. And if we can’t protect the weakest among us, what’s it all been for?