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Director Matthew Hausle and Filmmaker Steven Barber - Opens September 30th at Cinema Village


Steven C Barber is a writer and film maker living in Santa Monica, California. He was born in Syracuse, New York in 1961, and is the great nephew of Edith Wharton, the first female writer to win the Pulitzer Prize.

After a three year stint at Augusta Military Academy in Ft. Defiance, Virginia in the late 1970’s and then graduating from Western Kentucky University, Mr. Barber headed west to give his writing and acting chops a workout.

Having worked on many films and a series of television shows in the early 1980’s, he took a break from Hollywood and found work and adventure on 19 cruise ships in the 1980’s and early 1990’s that would take him to more than countries and over 10,000,000 nautical miles. His first novel, “Below the Waterline,” a fictional and whimsical tale of love on the high seas, is a big seller on

Upon returning to Hollywood in the mid 1990’s, Mr. Barber found some success on a series of reality shows and, after a falling out with a large corporation he had been working with, decided to bank roll everything he had with $50,000 worth of camera equipment and give documentary film making a shot. This fortuitous and serendipitous action has paid off in a big way.Mr. Barber’s first film, “Return to Tarawa” is an award-winning documentary that has been able to get congressional legislation passed in Congress to bring home MIAs from World War II. Actor Ed Harris lent his voice to this tremendous story of redemption and healing of 90 year-old, World War II veteran Leon Cooper.

Mr. Barbers second film “Unbeaten” is a magical story about 31 Paraplegics who take on the world most grueling road race and push their wheelchairs 267 miles in six days between Fairbanks and Anchorage. This amazing film has narration from Dan Aykroyd. “Unbeaten” was released for release in early January 2010. Mr. Barber’s mission is to raise the profile of the disabled athlete and the disabled American.

The success of Unbeaten and Return to Tarawa has allowed Vanilla Fire Productions to grow into a full service Documentary and Commercial video production house. Mr. Barbers PR background along with a strong work ethic and sales background sees no limits as to growth. Funds have been raised for “Until They Are Home”, the sequel to the wildly successful “Return to Tarawa”, and is scheduled for release on Memorial day. Directly following the Memorial Day release, a Veterans Day launch is scheduled for “The Carrier”,  a film about the first basketball game aboard the nuclear aircraft carrier Carl Vinson. Mr. Barber was granted exclusive filming rights by the United States Navy to bring this incredible story to the world.

He is working on three more documentaries for release in 2012 and considers himself extremely fortunate and is very grateful to have had this early success in the documentary film world.


Matthew Hausle

With over 25 years of experience in Film, Television, and video production, Matthew brings a wide spectrum of talents to VanillaFire Productions. Starting out in Feature Film and Commercial production, after six years, he moved into special effects as creative director for Lasermedia, a leading Laser visual effects company. Collaborating on film, television, commercials, Broadway plays, and live action productions, he created laser shows and effects for large outdoor venues (Disney World, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Stone Mountain Georgia) live performance, (Pink Floyd, Prince, Neil Diamond, Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney, and many others) and hundreds of corporate clients, worldwide. After six years, he joined Sony Pictures Imageworks, as a Computer Graphic Animation Supervisor, designing feature films and television visual effects. Five years later, he left Sony Pictures, to pursue independent video production. Since then, he has produced and directed over a dozen television commercials, industrial video, and documentaries, including “Return To Tarawa, The Leon Cooper Story”, with credits as cameraman and producer. “Return To Tarawa” aired on Discoverys’ Military Channel, and is now available on Netflix.

He is currently working on a sequel featuring JPAC, the Joint POW-MIA Accounting Command. With experience in all facets of production from writing, producing, directing, camerawork, and editing, Matthew specializes in delivering high quality, cost effective productions tailored to clients specific needs.

Credits and Employment History

“Until They Are Home” 6/30/11
Producer, Cameramen (HD), documentary of JPAC the MIA recovery arm of the military, as it returns to the site of horrific South Pacific WW II battle, to search for remains of those killed in action. Four Medal of Honor winners (three posthumous) are profiled. Currently in Post Production.

“Return To Tarawa, The Leon Cooper Story” 6/14/2009
Producer/Camerman/Editor, one hour documentary of WW II battle, narrated by Ed Harris, and currently being aired on Discovery Channel.

“Industrial Dynamics, 50 Years of Innovation” 7/10/2009

Writer/Director/Camerman/Editor, corporate video for trade show and marketing purposes.

“Selling With Color” 2/14/2006
Director/Camerman/Editor, and author of 5 DVD set of sales training tools for corporate sales force. Produced for The Valeo Group, a sales and marketing company.

“Inspiration to Realization” 4/18/2004
Producer/Director of Adelphia Cable television series featuring woman entrepreneurs, who share tips, recommendations, and advice on how to succeed in starting your own business.

“Cry of Africa” 3/20/2004
Producer/Director/Camerman/Editor of 12 minute fundraising documentary detailing the struggle of women and children against the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

“Ripple of Hope” 7/15/2003
Producer/Director/Editor of documentary introducing the founder of the Rainbow Humanitarian Caretaker Foundation, and her non-profit foundation dedicated to assisting the impoverished people of Ethiopia, Africa.

“Smart Alecs” 6/30/2002
Writer/Producer/Director of reality show television pilot featuring an ensemble cast of eight ethnically diverse young teens reviewing popular products and activities, with tips on how to be get the most for your budget.

College degree, B of A, Film and Communications
Member SAG and NABET

Samples of work available at: