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THE RISE OF EVE Director L. Burner

Director's Profile

I am known in the industry as L. Burner, a name that I was amused to learn inspires empowerment to such a degree that people who are not yet familiar with my work assume L. Burner is a man. I am what most people would refer to as a feminist but do not claim this because I feel the word has been re-appropriated or misappropriated to mean frivolous, whiny and man-hating. But I am a human rights activist and I created “The Rise of Eve” to defend women from the constant gender-based attacks designed to persecute them for what a male-dominated society deems unacceptable and illicit female behavior. Primarily, these beliefs appear to be sexually charged and are sub-consciously rooted in maintaining sexual and gender control. Male privilege dictates that men can behave toward women as they please without any consequence or defamation of character, while hypocritically restricting women to boundaries they have set for them. Men justify derogatory terms in media, verbal and street harassment, physical abuse and even rape as atonement women should expect to endure if they put themselves in improper circumstances or "provoke" these attacks by their attire, rejection, demeanor or reputation. This is what I like to call the "shame and blame culture." It exists in many forms, sub-cultures and manifestations throughout the world including slut-shaming and honor killings. It's time we put some objection in the air. The film’s objective is to show the cumulative effect of this mentality and how it perpetuates oppression, devaluation and violence regarding women and confuses our youth, further; I hope to show the irony in how the male's misogynistic, at times heinous, responses far exceed the behaviors that “provoke” them.

The producers originally set out to tackle all desired topics in this one film but the sheer mass of the material accumulated was too great to fit into one film. As a result, my team hit on a great strategy to build a Rise of Eve film franchise and emphasize certain topics in each installment. Our second film “Rise of Eve: Sex and Sensibilities” is near completion.

The title, “The Rise of Eve” was inspired by the events in the Garden of Eden which changed the fate of humankind. This case in which the eating of the forbidden fruit is disproportionately blamed on the female though Adam who was called to lead, sealed the covenant by doing the same. What is also disregarded is the fact that Satan, a male entity, power-hungry, supernatural and willfully malicious conspired to deceive them both and introduce malevolence into the world for his own agenda. Yet as a result for her role, Eve is often regarded as the lone culprit and women have inherited her "blame legacy." “The Rise of Eve” seeks to challenge this legacy, exploit the inhumanity in misogyny and lift the blame and shame from the victim and instead inspire empathy. Only when we take an honest and balanced look at misogyny and sexism can we begin to discuss solutions and create a paradigm shift in the way society perceives and responds to gender-based violence.