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THE VALLEY Director Saila Kariat

Director's Profile

Saila Kariat has a diverse background, having obtained a Ph.D. in electrical engineering and worked as an engineer for ten years. She was a research staff member at a prestigious IBM T.J. Watson research center, worked as a development manager at IBM overseeing twenty eight engineers, and as a director of marketing at a high-end start-up. She subsequently started a residential construction business, which afforded her the flexibility to raise two daughters. She successfully ran that business for eight years. During this time, she pursued her lifelong passion for film, and obtained a Bachelor’s in Film from San Jose State, where she was valedictorian for her graduating class. She has directed several short films and has written shorts and feature length screenplays. Her screenplay “Minor Gods” was selected as a finalist for Best Feature Screenplay at the California State University Media Arts Festival. She is slated to direct her next feature, “War Child”. The Valley is her directorial debut.