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Cinema Village


Q&A's with Director Sam Abbas + Special Guests FRI 12/14, SAT 12/15, SUN 12/16 and THU 12/20

Q&A Schedule 

Friday 12/14 at 7:10pm and 9:10pm - Sam Abbas joined by the cast and crew moderated by film critic Violet Lucca

Saturday 12/15 at 7:10pm and 9:10pm - Sam Abbas joined by some cast and crew moderated by actor and activist Quim del Rio

Sunday 12/16 at 7:10pm and 9:10pm - Sam Abbas and filmmaker Bryce Richardson

Thursday 12/20 at 9:10pm - Sam Abbas



The Wedding centers Rami (Sam Abbas), a young Muslim man, who is preparing for his wedding with Sara (Nikohl Boosheri). In secret Rami goes against the taboos of sexuality within Muslim culture to explore his own sexuality. Almost all Muslims growing up are taught that Islam does not tolerate homosexuality and that it is highly disgraced. The film demonstrates how cultural and religious upbringings impact relationships. This, uniquely shot, observational film is intimately-voyeuristic and the perfect portrait of repression and alienation. Shot on location in New York City, Abbas filmed the entire film on a 16mm lens. Abbas’ sound design is heavily layered featuring many snippets of conversations from unseen passersby.