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WELCOME TO NEW YORK Director Abel Ferrara

DIRECTOR'S PROFILE | Starts March 30th

Born in the Bronx, in 1951 Abel FERRARA started making films on Super 8 in his teens, in upstate New
York with
Nicholas ST. JOHN – writer of Ms.45, King Of New York, The Addiction as well as The
– and John McINTYRE – creative consultant and key crew member. His career moved to
downtown New York City in the mid 70’s with the movies
Driller Killer and Ms. 45.
Ms.45 found distribution at Warner Bros., with the help of William FRIEDKIN, the reviews and
international circulation lead to a cult reputation, larger budgets, studio funding and ‘name’ actors –
Christopher WALKEN, Harvey KEITEL, Melanie GRIFFITH and Juliette BINOCHE.
King Of New-York in the beginning of the 90’s followed by Bad Lieutenant, The Funeral, The
and New Rose Hotel consolidated his position as a director of controversial cinema.
His career combines larger budget with no budget features and documentaries, from New York City to
Napoli, Alabama, Jerusalem, Los Angeles and back to Roma,
The 21st century began with
R’Xmas, Mary and his documentary on the chelsea hotel, Chelsea On
The Rocks
, continuing into the present decade with 4:44 – Last Day On Earth, his third feature with
Willem DAFOE, Welcome To New-York, starring Gérard DEPARDIEU and Jacqueline BISSET and
Pasolini, again starring Willem DAFOE in 2014, about the last days of the Italian director. His
new documentary work includes
Padre Pioand Piazza Vittorio. DAFOE will also star in Siberia,
his upcoming feature. Abel Ferrara directs
Alive in France, a documentary, also a self portrait, that
follows him and his family actress Cristina Chiriac daughter Anna and friends and long time
collaborators composer
Joe DELIA and actor/composer Paul HIPP during a film retrospective/music
tour in France.