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Issam B. Makdissy is a Lebanese American film director, writer, and editor. He has a Master’s Degree in Film from San Francisco State University where he made his first feature film, Liars Dice, as his thesis. The film was well received in the festival circles and was awarded a gold medal at Manheim Film Festival. His second feature film, Hard Act to Follow, was a bitter-sweet story of a Lebanese-American standup comedian who had to battle his way back to being funny after running headlong into the realities of war. Yesterday Went with Yesterday is Issam’s latest feature. He shot the film exclusively in Lebanon, in and around the village where he grew up. Each frame of the story represents his long-contemplated thoughts and passion for the resiliency of the Lebanese people, and the sometimes-unresolved legacy of his homeland’s recent past. The actors, most of whom were from the village, had little or no previous acting experience, but they shared Issam’s vision and love of his story. The original music was also composed and performed by people from the village. The film’s story revolves around an incident that took place in Issam’s village during the Lebanese civilwar. It left an emotional scar on the people there, including the actors who recreated the event. The war’s twenty-year horror reached well beyond the village to the millions of Lebanese living in the diaspora. Yesterday Went with Yesterday returns a man to this homeland he barely knew, and to the family and culture he had avoided. He rediscovers lost roots as he learns the truth about the past.