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"The film is occasionally shocking ... pervasively heartbreaking."

  Washington City Paper • June 15, 2017


"32 PILLS: MY SISTER'S SUICIDE ... will certainly resonate deeply with anyone who has struggled with depression or addiction or loved anyone who has. It’s no doubt been cathartic for its first-time filmmaker, and will likely prove the same for many viewers as well."

  Hollywood Reporter • May 11, 2017


"Gripping and discomfiting..."

  Variety • May 9, 2017


"32 PILLS is a film so moving and so beautiful that it goes beyond documenting the life and death of artist Ruth Litoff and becomes a piece of art itself."

  MUFF Blog • April 27, 2017


32 PILLS: MY SISTER'S SUICIDE - Director Hope Litoff and Producer Beth Levison on the ethics of the subject-filmmaker relationship and why documentary is better than fiction.

   Hot Docs Industry • April 24, 2017


"Andrew Herwitz’s Film Sales Company has picked up worldwide sales rights to Hope Litoff’s 32 PILLS ahead of the world premiere at Hot Docs next month."

   Screen Daily • April 12, 2017


"The Artscapes series returns to explore the intersection of art and film with features like 32 PILLS: MY SISTER’S SUICIDE, in which director Hope Litoff investigates the eponymous event through an inventory of the items left behind.”

   Now Toronto • March 21, 2017


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Please note! Until October 2016, our working title was RULES TO LIVE BY.  Any mentions of RULES TO LIVE BY in the press are references to the film now entitled 32 PILLS!


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"...HBO already has a first-look deal with RULES TO LIVE BY, another favorite project at the Forum. While the story of director Hope Litoff’s search to understand the suicide of her sister artist Ruth Litoff may sound like a downer, Litoff has described the tone of the film as 'witty, sad, often outrageous and even funny.'  BBC’s Nick Fraser called the project 'very brave and terrific,' and praised the trailer for its 'texture" and the way it beautifully expressed her observations."

   Indiewire • May 10, 2016


"Hope Litoff pitched a deeply personal portrait of her late sister Ruth in RULES TO LIVE BY ... The New York-based editor-turned-director told the Forum that she is looking to 'get to know [her] sister in death in a way she couldn’t in life,' and an elegant trailer detailed the story of the two sisters, focusing on Ruth’s artwork and effervescence in life, as well as the mental illness that led to her death."

   Realscreen • May 6, 2016


"Hope Litoff’s RULES TO LIVE BY ... showed potential to be the sort of idiosyncratic cult doc you can’t forget years later.."

   Filmmaker Magazine • May 5, 2016


" 'We can’t talk about the truth.' That’s the message Hope Litoff received when her parents lied to her about her older sister Ruth’s first suicide attempt at age 16, when Hope was 13. ... Hope is tracing her family’s journey in a documentary called RULES TO LIVE BY, and she joins ... this week’s episode of Shared Secrets to discuss the shock waves suicide can send through families and communities.."

   Shared Secrets (podcast) • April 20, 2016



"Bellevue's South Lobby is one of the most beautiful places in New York right now, thanks to the installation of Ruth's Dream.  It's a series of 8-foot tall photographs of Manhattan's wild flowers, illuminated from within, shot by the late artist Ruth Litoff..."

   Manhattan User's Guide • July 22, 2016