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AMNESIA Select Press

AMNESIA Select Press

“A simple, yet poignant drama with sharp historical undertones.” – Jordan Mintzer, The Hollywood Reporter

“There’s more to hold onto in the cross-generational relationship at the heart of the film.” – Lee Marshall, Screen Daily

“Shot on the idyllic Spanish eastern coast this film examines profound subjects in a dramatically coherent intelligent way.” – Peter Belsito, Indiewire

“Schroeder’s film is a meditation on Germany’s responsibility for its past. How does one protest one of the most unspeakably terrible events in human history, especially when one’s compatriots were active participants in the atrocity?” – The Movie Friends

“Willful memory loss and electronic dance music collide in Barbet Schroeder's cinematic valentine to his German expat mother…Ibiza looks picture-postcard radiant.”– Scott Foundas, Variety