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Director Puk Grasten on her film 37 at Moscow International Film Festival

Director Puk Grasten on her film 37 at Moscow International Film Festival

Puk Grasten: “I wanted to tell this story from kids perspective”. Report about the Press Conference Devoted to Film 37

23 June 2016 witnessed the press conference with the makers of the film 37 that is included in the main completion of the 38th Moscow International Film Festival. Film director Puk Grasten and producer Regner Grasten attended meeting with the journalists.


For Puk Grasten film 37 is her first full-length film. She studied cinematography in New York where she also found the subject matter for her first film. She took interest in the story that happened in Brooklyn in 1964. The young woman was stabbed to death and raped while 37 who witnessed the murder did not attempt to rescue her. 


In the process of preparation for shooting, Puk Grasten studied numerous documents about the case but the idea was to comprehend the story and make a feature film rather than a documentary. 'Today we are involved in the large information flows, and in the course of time our attitude to human tragedies turns into indifference,' notes the director. 'My film is about such indifference but from the perspective of kids and not adults.' 


Regner Grasten added that film 37 does not simply show the American society in the period of racial segregation, given the time, but also a good example that any form of isolation on the local or national level results in destruction. 'Disasters will continue to happen until people think that problems of others are none of their business, until every one of us stops being indifferent to the other.'