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''JESUS'' Selected Press Quotes

''JESUS'' Selected Press Quotes

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Selected Press Quotes

"Jesús investigates the darkest side of adolescence, raising a number of moral questions without providing easy answers. The top-notch cast is the icing on the cake, with Goic stoically embodying Chile’s hopes and failures while young Durán mesmerizes with his stunning androgyny." –Variety

“Goic and Duran are both compelling performers.” –The Hollywood Reporter

“Durán and Goic are phenomenal in the roles, their feelings pent-up until tearful releases shown in almost complete silence arrive in the distance. ...Jesúsproves a gripping cautionary tale unafraid to let its characters suffer for justice.”

“Whichever you look at it, this is a harrowing and despicable story that is so powerfully told that it keeps one engaged to the very last frame.”

“...unpredictable and gets one in the guts.” –The Film Stage –Queer Guru –