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LIVE CARGO Collection of Reviews Highlights

LIVE CARGO Collection of Reviews Highlights

“Live Cargo is a mood piece, a tone poem of a place, a mythic tragedy driven by devastatingly human fallibilities. Anchored by a quartet of equally strong and understated performances by Hemingway, Stanfield, Wisdom, and Dillon, “Live Cargo” proves itself to be a singularly artful film of great emotional heft. [A-]” THE PLAYLIST

“A pronounced sense of style and place suffuses the entire film, boding well for Sandler’s future projects.” THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

“Arresting.” ★★★★ DEN OF GEEK

“Live Cargo is an unforgettable debut and a promise of greater heights to come.” CINEMACY

“The real star of Live Cargo is Sandler’s sense of poetry through setting. With minimal dialogue and not a lot of exposition, the entire thing almost works as a silent film, one where its alluring environments are rendered in shades of grey and deep blacks.” CROME YELLOW

“Live Cargo is nothing short of a minor miracle for Logan, in his directorial debut, who refuses to make what would seem a standard crime thriller, instead defying expectation and delivering an honest, gripping, visually arresting experience that will linger like the breaking waves of a restless sea long after its over.” THAT MOMENT IN

“A stylistic entrance for Logan Sandler on the American Cinema front.” HOLLYWOOD GLEE

“Out of the films I saw at Tribeca this year, one that sticks with me is Live Cargo. [A]” PICTURE LOCK