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"Yours is one of those rare movies where you come out of the screening a different (better) person than before you went in…” Dante Spinotti (Cinematographer “L.A. Confidential” and “The Insider”)

“I resonated to so much of the story, and was truly astounded by the sweetness and veracity and beauty of your actors’ connections. You selected superbly, then allowed them to express themselves authentically and flawlessly. She has that Mona Lisa smile and he out-Brad Pitts Brad Pitt! Major screen charisma (and darling young man).” Theo Gund

“Remarkable film. It is very rare to see something so insightful, heartfelt and sensitive…And those actors are going to go big very quickly, I’d guess.” Paul Deason (Producer/Production Executive)

“Beautifully made, and an antidote to the artificial sophistication of most of what one sees in any medium now-days.” Alan D. Grinnell (Professor/UCLA)

“I f**kin’ love this movie” (Projectionist/Motorcycle Film Festival, Brooklyn)