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Read What Critics have Been Saying About Bad Kids of Crestview Academy

Read What Critics have Been Saying About Bad Kids of Crestview Academy

The movie Bad Kids of Crestview Academy is comparable to some of the famous suspense movies such as Final Destination. But aside from the thrill the movie will bring, it inserts hilarity that somehow balances its storyline that will not bore movie goers in this one hour and forty minute movie.

- Paul Urban, Parent Herald


Bad Kids of Crestview Academy is a great mix of comic, grindhouse, and mystery that weaves an intelligent puzzle together full of unsuspected twists and surprises.

- Brian Gerson, We Are Indie Horror


If you want a fun teen action movie full of betrayal, violence, blood, mystery, laughs, and an excessive use of the word “bitch,” then the Ben Browder-directed Bad Kids of Crestview Academy is the movie for you.

- Shawn Loeffler, Yell Magazine


Bad Kids of Crestview Academy features a cast with bite. [Sammi] Hanratty (Mom’s Night Out, Pushing Daisies) is definitely a highlight. Colby Arps (Men, Women & Children) and Erika Daly (Culpability) both stood out as having truly thought out their characters, which made their screentime enjoyable and easy to watch. Gina Gershon (Bound, Showgirls) as a calculating senator provides fun and social commentary. Sean Astin (Lord of the Rings, The Goonies, Rudy) as Headmaster Nash has moments that seemingly channel Ray Walston’s Mr. Hand in Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

- Erin Miskell, Gruesome Magazine


Bad Kids of Crestview Academy, plays like a deranged version of The Breakfast Club mixed with traces of the Final Destination series. Browder’s film succeeds as an entertaining slasher, and many of the kill sequences, especially one inside the school’s machine shop, are over-the-top and delightfully gory. There is definitely enough here for an entertaining night at the movies. Visually, the film looks fantastic: cinematography by Charles Schner captures perfectly the academic setting and the fast-paced action while the animated sequences explode with rich and evocative colors. Bad Kids of Crestview Academy functions well as a campy thriller that satisfies in the blood-and-guts department. Go into the film expecting a guilty pleasure, some raunchy comedy, and a plenty of gruesome blood splatter and you’ll have a good time.

- Josh Hancock, Addicted to Horror Movies


Horror Comedy Bad Kids of Crestview Academy Worth the Tuition

A multilayered mystery filled with action set pieces and gory fun, BAD KIDS is an entertaining horror mystery.

The writing here is sharp and never attempts to spell too much out for viewers as any good mystery should.

The pic is an audacious romp filled with nasty gags.

Pay the tuition and give in. There’s plenty of fun to be had within the halls of Crestview. 

- Norman Gidney,


"...a twisted high school movie that would make Lloyd Kaufman proud."

CRESTVIEW ACADEMY isn’t all crudities though. The final 20 minutes pick you up in an utterly bonkers whirlwind of campy, hyperbolic action-horror mayhem. The movie goes places I couldn’t have imagined in my wildest Freddy Krueger fever dreams, and I respect it for that. And that’s not to say that the first hour doesn’t occasionally hit that mark. Whenever special guest stars Sean Astin and Gena Gershon are onscreen, clearly having a blast, the movie gets a shot in the arm of cotton candy fun. Their expert comic timing forgives the flaws, as does lead actress Sammi Hanratty’s total commitment to the material.

You see, there is some genuine good to be found here. The flick’s frequent transitions into comic book-style illustration... make for a fun, whimsical aesthetic, and the script builds some clever-enough jokes out of the constant repetition of the party scene as each senior describes their own perspective. It’s massively weird, but it’s a breezy, fast-paced film that doesn’t overstay its welcome.

Brennan Klein,


It’s a serious load of fun and frights with some great slashy hijinks. Highly recommended!

- Daniel XIII, The Outre Eye of Daniel XIII


It’s official – any American called Blaine is liable to be as awful a person as any Brit called Piers. Bad Kids of Crestview Academy is consistently entertaining, packed with MAD Magazine-style edge-of-the-frame gags in school posters and blackboard scrawls and has genuinely inspired repurposing of music standards... on the lively soundtrack. [The Bad Kids movie series] serve as a pair of films which strike me as great fun and irrepressibly inventive (with a side order of cartoonish social anger) but haven’t yet gained the cult reputation they deserve.

- Johnny A. Lucard, The Kim Newman Website


Once in a while... a film comes along and blows my mind, and ignites my love for horror all over again.  BAD KIDS OF CRESTVIEW ACADEMY is that film.

- Taylor Terrible, Nightmarish Conjurings


There is truly no place for good taste or restraint at Crestview.

Sammi Hanratty is really remarkably poised as Siouxsie Hess, the film’s primary pinball. She keeps her head and maintains the audience’s focus amid a whole lot of chaos. Erika Daly also earns points for making Hasegawa’s naivete so weirdly distinctive.

Gina Gershon upstages everyone as the flamboyantly evil and tart-tongued Sen. Wilkes.

Bad Kids of Crestview Academy makes dead teenagers pretty darn funny. If only The Breakfast Club had been as rude and subversive. Recommended for fans of warped horror comedies.

- J.B. Spins, JB Spins Blog


Bad Kids of Crestview Academy traffics in exploitation movie flourishes. “It’s time to break stereotypes, not reinforce them!” Headmaster Nash says at one point. Alas, not in this movie.

- Andy Webster, New York Times


THE BUZZ: The idea of Gina Gershon working covertly to pick off a group of entitled private school kids is all we need to know about this Bad Kids sequel that finds Ben Browder, who had a role in the first movie, seated in the director's chair. Something tells us this won't be the last we see of Crestview Academy.

- IMDb