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Spotlight on the Filmmakers of the New York Short Film Festival

Spotlight on the Filmmakers of the New York Short Film Festival



Upper West Side Story - Leon Chase

" This is my first time seeing my work screened in an actual movie theater, and I'm thrilled that it's happening at such a classy and legendary West Village institution."



The Suit - Dave Conte

"As of this writing, I haven't actually been able to attend yet, but the sense of community is extremely strong thanks in part to the Facebook group made for the filmmakers (which was a great idea"



Younglings - Stuart Baker (Director)

It was a fantastic, time-travel blast to screen YOUNGLINGS, the sci-fi comedy noir I directed to a full house at Cinema Village Saturday night.  Here I saw so many a chopsocky double feature back in my days at NYU, (not to mention the more than occasional Scorsese and Tarkovsky.) Thank you New York Short Film Festival and Cinema Village!"



Home Invasion for the Holidays

Elizabeth Watson (actor/screenwriter/executive producer), Teddy Robinson (director), Bill Kozy (actor), Katrina Medoff (actor)

"Our screening was sold out, and hearing the entire audience laughing and enjoying our comedy really brought the film to life. It's one thing to watch your film on your laptop with a friend or two; it's another to watch it on the big screen with a theater full of people who are enjoying it for the first time." -Katrina Medoff, actor in "Home Invasion for the Holidays"




The Owls - Οι Κουκουβάγιες - Natalia Bougadellis (Director)


"It was such an amazing experience to screen my short film in one of my favorite NYC cinemas. A great and diverse line up- a festival worth checking out."



Special Muscles - Annamarya Scaccia (Director)

"I wasn't able to make it to the New York Short Film Festival, unfortunately, but I am so honored to have my first-ever short documentary chosen for the inaugural event. The topic is vital to so many people in the disability community, so to be able to show "Special Muscles" and raise awareness is humbling."



As Life Shifts - Marcelo Remizov (Producer)





The Push - Will Joines (Director)

"It was great screening my New-York based & filmed movie at the NYSFF and having the audience scream along with it!" 



The Forever Woods - John Jamilkowski (Director)

" I keep telling everyone online and in person that I am SO happy that my film is premiering at Cinema Village. It's my favorite, most authenticate movie theater in NY. I have great memories of cutting class at School of Visual Arts on 23rd St, getting some pizza and going to Cinema Village where we'd watch the best movies that you couldn't find anywhere else. I vividly remember seeing El Topo there for the first time and having my mind altered. Best theater in the best city in the world!"



LEASH - Jennifer Lieberman (Writer/Producer/Actor)

“Got to see some great films in a fantastic venue, so grateful to be a part of the NYSFF.”



Snuggle Buddies - Becca Ayers (writer and producer), Jose Restrepo (director), Brooke Jacob (co-writer)

"We had a BLAST at the festival last night!! "| |



Special thanks to the wonderful festival director, Noel Day Bishop!